Find all Canterbury rugby shoes on special offer! Up to 50% off!

Find all Canterbury rugby shoes on special offer! Up to 50% off! The best ranges are on offer: Phoenix Genesis, Phoenix Raze, Speed or Stampede...

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Rugby Shoes Canterbury: Excellence and Comfort at a Low Price

For tous rugby players, now is the perfect time to upgrade your equipment with Canterbury rugby shoes. Take advantage of our exclusive promotions to buy rugged, high-performance and comfortable shoes, designed to give you the best on the field.

Canterbury shoe ranges: Technology and durability

Canterbury Phoenix range: Perfect for forwards, Phoenix shoes are designed to offer exceptional grip and support. Their reinforced structure and robust studs ensure optimum stability during scrums and ruck phases, while guaranteeing long-lasting comfort.

Canterbury Stampede range: Ideal for front-line players and powerful ball carriers, Stampede are built to withstand the most demanding conditions. Their outsole features specially placed studs to maximize traction and propulsion, while the upper offers reinforced support.

Canterbury Speed range: Designed for backs and fast players, Speed shoes offer incomparable lightness and agility. Their aerodynamic design and lightweight materials enable rapid acceleration and precise directional changes, while maintaining excellent comfort.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to equip yourself with Canterbury rugby shoes on special offer. Benefit from the perfect combination of advanced technology, superior comfort and durability to dominate every match with confidence and style!