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Rugby shoulder pads: between protection and performance

Rugby is a sport that met tests the resilience and physicalendurance of its players. Impacts are frequent and often violent, making the use of protective equipment not only prudent but sometimes necessary for the long-term health of athletes. Among this equipment, shoulder pads occupy a special place. Designed to absorb and dissipate the energy of impacts received during play, they protect the player's shoulders, torso and back. Over the years, technological innovation has led to the development of ever more effective shoulder pads, combining optimum protection with maximum comfort.

Technology for protection

Brands specializing in rugby equipment have constantly improved their products to meet the demands of players and regulatory bodies. Among them, Canterbury, Gilbert, and Optimum Rugby stand out for the quality and innovation of their shoulder pads.

  • Canterbury Optimum Rugby offers shoulder pads with "Flexi-Pro" technology, providing maximum protection while guaranteeing exceptional freedom of movement. Their ergonomic design adapts perfectly to the player's morphology, ensuring unprecedented comfort and enhanced performance on the field.

  • Gilbert focuses on the integration of strategically placed protective plates to offer extended coverage without compromising mobility. Their shoulder pads, designed with breathable materials, guarantee excellent thermal regulation, keeping players dry and comfortable throughout the match.

  • Optimum Rugby, known for its commitment to player safety and comfort, develops lightweight yet extremely protective shoulder pads. Their models use advanced shock-absorbing materials and are designed to fit the player's body perfectly, reducing the risk of impact-related injuries.

  • The choice of shoulder pads should be guided by several criteria, including size, desired level of protection, and comfort. It's essential that shoulder pads fit snugly around the player's body so as not to impede movement, while still offering adequate protection. Players should also consider the ventilation and moisture management offered by the equipment, two aspects crucial to maintaining performance on the field. Finally, shoulder pads should comply with the rules of the league or competition in which the player is playing, ensuring fairness and safety for all participants.