Find all the rugby protection products you need! Helmets, shoulder pads and mouth guards! We carry the best brands, including Canterbury, Adidas and Gilbert!

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Rugby essentials: helmets, shoulder pads and mouthguards

Rugby, the ultimate contact sport, requires rigorous physical preparation and the right equipment to minimize the risk of injury. Among the crucial elements of a player's equipment, protective gear plays a key role. Helmets, shoulder pads and mouthguards are not only recommended, but often required for safe play. Here's a closer look at these rugby essentials.

Head protection: the helmet

Rugby helmets, often referred to as "headguards", are designed to protect the head from direct impact and reduce the risk of cuts and scrapes to the scalp. It is essential to choose a helmet that offers a good balance between comfort, ventilation and protection. Brands such as Canterbury and Gilbert stand out for the quality of their helmets, incorporating advanced technologies for maximum shock absorption while ensuring optimum air circulation. These adjustable helmets offer a personalized fit, crucial for comfort and effective protection.

Shoulders under armour: shoulder pads

Rugby shoulder pads are designed to provide extra protection for the shoulders, back and chest, areas particularly exposed in tackles. Today's models are the result of in-depth research aimed at combining protection with freedom of movement. Kooga and Optimum Rugby are among the brands most favored by players, offering shoulder pads incorporating protective memory foam plates capable of dissipating impact energy. Lightweight and ergonomic, this equipment is barely noticeable, yet extremely effective.

Smile safely: the mouthguard

Mouthguards are undoubtedly one of the most personal and indispensable protective items in rugby. As well as protecting teeth, they help reduce the risk of concussion by absorbing and dispersing the force of impacts. Opro, Shock Doctor, and Gilbert are benchmarks in the field, offering mouthguards that combine comfort, personalized fit and high protection. Some models feature technologies that enable precise molding to the player's dentition, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimum protection.

Protection up to the challenge

Protective equipment in rugby is the fruit of numerous innovations technological developments aimed at ensuring player safety while preserving the fluidity of the game. Helmets, shoulder pads and mouthguards are essential pieces of equipment which, when properly chosen and used, enable players to concentrate fully on their performance, significantly reducing the risk of injury. The brands mentioned, renowned for their expertise and the quality of their products, continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of players at all levels, from beginner to professional athlete.