Rugby shoes for artificial turf (AG)

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AG Rugby Shoes design and features

AG (Artificial Ground) rugby shoes are specially designed for synthetic surfaces, such as artificial turf often used for training and matches in urban environments where natural surfaces are less accessible. These shoes are equipped with multiple small rubber studs, designed to offer optimum traction on artificial surfaces without causing excessive damage to the turf. The studs are generally shorter and denser than those found on FG or SG shoes, providing better weight distribution and reducing the risk of slipping on smoother artificial turf.

The stud arrangement on AG shoes is designed to maximize the contact surface with the sol, offering greater stability during rapid movements and changes of direction. This design also helps prevent joint overload, an important benefit for players who frequently train on hard surfaces. What's more, the materials used in the manufacture of AG shoes are generally highly resistant to abrasion, guaranteeing enhanced durability even with intensive use on artificial pitches.

Advantages and uses of AG shoes in modern rugby

AG shoes offer several distinct advantages that make them ideal for use on artificial pitches. Firstly, they provide a constant grip, which is crucial for performance in conditions where natural pitches would be impractical. What's more, the specific design of the studs reduces the risk of injury caused by foot misalignment durant sudden movements, a common problem on more slippery surfaces.

The versatility of AG shoes also makes them popular with players who play on different types of artificial pitches, from synthetic grass to harder surfaces such as fibrous turf. This versatility ensures that players can use a single pair of shoes for divers types of training and play, reducing the need to invest in several specialized pairs. Finally, the added comfort offered by the modern materials and design of AG shoes enables players to concentrate fully on their performance without being bothered by problems of unsuitable footwear, contributing to a better overall experience on the field.