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Northampton Saints Rugby Shirts: Tradition and Modernity

Northampton Saints rugby shirts embody both tradition and modernity, featuring the club's iconic black, green and gold colors. With a history dating back to 1880, the jerseys are a symbol of pride both for players on the pitch and for supporters in the stands or at a distance. Designed to combine performance and comfort, these jerseys use lightweight, breathable fabrics for optimum performance during matches.

A wide range for supporters

Northampton Saints 's official jersey collection is rich and varied, offering not only replicas of the jerseys worn by the players, but also a wide range of training and leisure wear. This collection, available for men, women and children, is produced by well-known brands such as Macron and Gilbert, guaranteeing quality and authenticity. Supporters can choose from home, away and training shirts to show their support for the club on all occasions.

Beyond the sporting aspect, these shirts have become a way for fans to show their allegiance and passion for the club Northampton Saints, by proudly wearing the team's colors and crest, whether at matches at Franklin's Gardens or in everyday life tous.