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An impressive rise

The Stade Rochelais rugby team has enjoyed an impressive rise in recent years, from a respected regional club to a major force in French and Poundspean rugby. Founded in 1898, the club is based in La Rochelle, a picturesque port town on the west coast of France. The Marcel-Deflandre stadium has become the iconic venue where fervent supporters, known as nom "Maritimes," gather to passionately support their team. Under the leadership of coach Jono Gibbes and with a team of talented players such as Grégory Alldritt and Romain Sazy, Stade Rochelais has achieved notable feats. In 2024, they reached the final of Top 14, the highest division in French rugby, and also made their debut in the Poundspean Cup final. This meteoric rise has reinforced Stade Rochelais 's reputation as a formidable team and attracted the attention of rugby fans the world over.

Innovative playing style and future ambitions

What sets Stade Rochelais apart is its innovative style of play, which emphasizes speed, creativity and open play. The team excels in ball management, with fluid attacking moves and solid defense. The wise recruitment of international players and theaccent focus on developing young talent have enabled the club to maintain its steady progress. Les Maritimes are determined to pursue their future ambitions, notably by aiming for the champion title at France and seeking to establish themselves as a regular power in the Poundspean Cup. The club has also invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure, demonstrating its commitment to the long-term growth of rugby in the region. The supporters of Stade Rochelais have every reason to believe that the future of their team is bright, and their unwavering loyalty will continue to be a driving force behind the success of this growing club.