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Canterbury Stampede Fusion for power and agility

The Canterbury Stampede range is renowned for its rugged design, specially adapted to the rigorous demands of rugby, particularly for forwards involved in the most physical aspects of the game. Combining durability, comfort and a secure fit, Stampede boots are a testament to Canterbury 's commitment to providing quality rugby equipment.

The Stampede series, including models such as the Stampede Pro SG and Stampede 3.0 SG, boasts features such as a wide cut, a huit stud configuration for superior traction, and a reinforced toe area for added protection and stability. The uppers are made from synthetic materials designed to resist scuffing, ensuring longevity throughout the rugby season. An internal mesh lining enhances breathability, keeping feet cool and dry, while a 3D-molded heel counter ensures a comfortable and supported port.

Enhanced performance

Designed with front-line players in mind, the Stampede range responds to the need for boots that not only offer protection, but also facilitate agility and mobility on the field. The inclusion of removable metal studs, compatible with soft terrain, underlines this blend of stability and versatility, making quick transitions and changes of direction more manageable. The design of the boots reflects a thoughtful consideration of the physical demands of rugby, responding specifically to those who play in the most contested areas of the pitch.

In conclusion, the Canterbury Stampede range stands out for its commitment to enhancing the playing experience for players faced with the physicality of the game. By offering boots that combine durability, comfort and performance, Canterbury ensures that players can focus on their game, knowing that their equipment will stand the test of time and play. Whether you're pushing into the fray or charging down the field, Stampede boots are designed to take your game to the next level.