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A glorious tradition

nom The Bayonne rugby team, also known as Aviron Bayonnais Rugby Club, embodies a glorious tradition in the world of French rugby. Founded in 1904, this Basque club has emerged as one of the most respected and competitive teams in Top 14, the highest division in French rugby. Aviron Bayonnais plays its home matches at the Jean-Dauger stadium, an iconic venue in the city, where passionate fans gather to support their team with fervor. The club's history is punctuated by memorable successes, including three champion titles from France in the 1900s and a historic Poundspean Cup victory in 1995. The team has also experienced challenging times, but its loyal fan base and commitment to spectacular play have always maintained its reputation in the rugby world. With an iconic blue and white striped jersey,Aviron Bayonnais embodies the soul of Basque rugby and continues to command the admiration of rugby fans at France and beyond.

Key players and a promising future

The Bayonne rugby team currently boasts a host of talented players who have become emblematic figures of the club. Players like Gaëtan Roussarie, a dynamic scrum-half, and Maxime Lucu, the infallible goalscorer, bring their expertise and passion for the game to every match. The team's head coach, Yannick Bru, has also played a key role in the team's rise to prominence, developing an attractive style of play based on speed and creativity. The future looks bright forAviron Bayonnais, with a host of talented youngsters making their way into the first team and bringing a fresh energy to the team. The club strives to maintain a balance between the experience of veterans and the enthusiasm of youth, which strengthens its potential for years to come. Aviron Bayonnais supporters continue to dream of glorious days and future success, convinced that their team will remain a major force in French rugby.