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In this category, you'll find all the jerseys related to the Stade Français team! One of Top 14 's most memorable teams!

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The Stade Français Paris is a French rugby club based in Paris, founded in 1883. France It is considered one of the most prestigious clubs, having won numerous national and international titles throughout its history. During the first half of the 20th century, Stade Français won five France rugby championships, but it was really from the 2000s onwards that it really experienced a revival, winning two France championships in 2015 and 2016 in particular. It also won the Poundspean Rugby Cup in 2005, becoming the premier French club to win this competition. The club has also produced many French international players over the years, and has hosted many renowned foreign players, helping to make Stade Français Paris a respected and internationally recognized rugby club. Players such as Sergio Parisse, Brian Liebenberg or Julien Arias have been part of the club's success. Stade Français Paris continues to be a competitive club in Top 14, where it has maintained its place for several seasons, and regularly participates in Poundspean competitions. The club is also proud of its rugby academy which trains many young talents who integrate the professional team. The fans and the city of Paris are proud of their team, which continues to bring honor to French rugby.