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The innovative design of the Phoenix Genesis range

Canterbury Phoenix Genesis rugby boots represent a significant advance in specialized rugby sports equipment. This range, which includes models such as the Phoenix Genesis Elite and the Phoenix Genesis Team, has been designed to offer players unprecedented performance on the field, combining both technological innovation and ultimate comfort. These shoes reflect Canterbury 's commitment to providing equipment that meets the demands of players at all levels of the sport.

Technology and performance

The Phoenix Genesis range from Canterbury is distinguished by the integration of FLIGHTBEAM technology, a feature inspired by nature and more specifically by the strength and responsiveness of the bony fork of birds in flight. This technology is applied in the outsole of the shoes, offering an intuitive energy response that enhances the movement and power of every step on the ground. Pebax® material reinforces this ability, providing lightness, agility and stability, essential for accelerating and achieving explosive movements.

Comfort and durability

In addition to performance, comfort and durability are key aspects of Phoenix Genesis shoes. The range offers shoes with a hybrid upper, combining durable synthetic leather in the forefoot with an upper reinforced with knitted Vaposkin, guaranteeing all-season robustness. The cleat configuration has also been redesigned to improve traction, including six conical metal cleats and three diamond-shaped TPU cleats, optimizing stability and agility on the field.

The Ultimate All-Rounder for Rugby

Canterbury rugby shoes from the Phoenix Genesis range represent the pinnacle of technology and innovation in rugby sports equipment. They are designed for players who demand the very best in performance, comfort and durability. Whether it's their nature-inspired FLIGHTBEAM technology or their hybrid design combining robustness and lightness, these shoes are ready to take on the challenges of modern rugby, making every player more powerful, agile and confident on the field.