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Innovation and performance in the Sidestep range

The Sidestep range of rugby boots from Gilbert represents a revolution in innovation and performance. These shoes are specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern rugby. The advanced technologies used in the design of the Sidestep give players an undeniable advantage on the field. Molded TPU studs provide exceptional traction, offering maximum stability during acceleration, deceleration and rapid changes of direction. The EVA midsole provides optimum cushioning to reduce fatigue and shock, enabling players to stay on top of their game throughout. With the Sidestep range from Gilbert, innovation is at the service of performance, providing players with state-of-the-art equipment to dominate the field.

Superior comfort and exceptional durability

Superior comfort and exceptional durability are two key features of the rugby boots in the Sidestep range from Gilbert. The precise, anatomical fit of these shoes guarantees optimum comfort, avoiding the inconvenience of chafing and injury. What's more, durability is at the heart of their design. The high-quality materials used in the manufacture of Sidestep make them resistant to wear, enabling players to wear them season after season without compromising quality. Whether on muddy, grassy or synthetic pitches, the Sidestep is designed to withstand all conditions, providing players with a reliable and durable rugby shoe that will accompany them throughout their sporting career.

Style and identity

The Sidestep Gilbert range of rugby shoes not only delivers performance and durability, but also gives players the opportunity to assert their style and identity on the field. With a variety of bold designs and vibrant color options, Sidestep allows players to choose footwear that reflects their personality and confidence. Whether opting for a classic, timeless look or making a bold statement with on-trend patterns and colors, the Sidestep range offers a diversity of models to suit all tastes. Wearing Sidestep shoes from Gilbert means not only investing in top-level performance, but also adding a unique touch of style to your outfits on the field, marking your presence with undeniable elegance.