Rugby shoes for greasy surfaces - Screwed (SG)

Find all SG rugby shoes in this category! Ideal shoes for players who play on muddy pitches! The best brands are available: adidas nike , canterbury, mizuno...

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SG Rugby Shoe Design and Features

SG (Soft Ground) rugby boots are specifically designed for soft, damp pitches, where mud and moisture are prevalent. Equipped with removable metal studs, these shoes adapt perfectly to variations in the terrain. The studs, which are generally longer than those of autres types of shoes, measure between 12 and 21 mm and penetrate deep into the sol to provide superior traction. This ability to anchor firmly in muddy terrain is crucial to prevent slipping and maintain stability during intense loads and scrimmages.

Stud configuration is also an important technical aspect. Typically, SG shoes feature 6 to 8 studs strategically arranged to optimize pressure distribution and maximize grip. This arrangement is particularly effective in providing the necessary balance during scrum thrusts and sudden accelerations, reducing the risk of unforeseen slips and falls.

Advantages and adaptability of SG Shoes

In addition to their primary function of providing grip, SG shoes offer unrivalled flexibility thanks to their interchangeable studs. This allows players to customize the length of the studs to suit specific field conditions, a major advantage during the climatic variations typical of rugby seasons. Whether sol is extremely muddy after a rain or just damp after a morning dew, players can adjust their shoes to meet the specific needs of the match.

Sturdiness and durability are also key features of SG shoes. Made from water-resistant materials and designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive play, these shoes ensure consistent, reliable performance. Not only do they withstand the wear and tear of tough terrain, but they also offer a level of comfort that allows players to concentrate fully on the game without the distraction of physical discomfort. In short, SG shoes are vital for players who regularly face demanding and changing playing conditions.