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On House of Rugby, you can find a wide selection of rugby products dedicated to children, and in particular here, where you can find all the children's rugby boots from the biggest brands! You'll find all the children's soccer boots from Nike - Puma - Adidas - Gilbert.

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The Essentials of Choosing Rugby Shoes for Children

When considering the purchase of children's rugby boots, it's vital to take into account a number of factors to ensure your young player's safety, comfort and performance on the field. Here's a comprehensive summary of the main factors to consider when buying rugby boots for kids:

  1. Appropriate size: The correct size of shoe is crucial. Make sure they fit perfectly on your child's feet, leaving a little room for toe movement while avoiding them being too big.

  2. Terrain: Consider the type of terrain your child will be playing on most frequently. There are shoes specially designed for soft ground, firm ground and synthetic surfaces. Choose shoes adapted to local conditions.

  3. Cleats: Cleats provide essential traction. Make sure they comply with the rules of your child's league, as some competitions may have restrictions on cleat length. Safety and compliance are essential.

  4. Comfort and support: Rugby shoes should provide excellent ankle and foot support to minimize the risk of injury. Look for models with good cushioning and a fit that ensures optimum stability.

  5. Quality materials: Choose rugby shoes made from high-quality, durable materials. Leather is often preferred for its robustness and comfort, but synthetic alternatives can also perform well.

  6. Budget: Set a budget before you buy. Prices for children's rugby shoes vary according to brand, quality and features. Look for a balance between quality and cost for optimum value.

  7. Well-known brands: Well-known brands such asAdidas, Nike, Puma, Gilbert and Canterbury generally offer quality options in rugby shoes for kids.

  8. The importance of care and perfect fit

    Once you've selected the ideal rugby boots for your child, two essential aspects deserve special attention: care and fit.

  • Care: Teach your child how to care for his rugby shoes. This includes regular cleaning to remove dirt and mud, inspection of studs to ensure they are in good condition, and replacement if necessary. Good maintenance extends the life of your boots.

  • Perfect fit: Make sure the shoes fit perfectly on your child's feet. An inadequate fit can cause blisters, pain and stability problems on the ground. Have your child try the shoes on in the store to ensure an optimal fit.

  • In conclusion, choosing the right rugby shoes for children is essential to ensure their safety and performance on the field. By carefully considering size, pitch type, studs, comfort, quality, price and brand, and by ensuring proper care and a perfect fit, you can help your child flourish in this exciting sport.