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Show your pride for the Pays de Galles rugbyteam, the Dragons Reds, with our selection of high-quality official jerseys. Discover our exclusive collection of jerseys for Welsh rugby fans of all ages.

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Rugby is an extremely popular sport at Pays de Galles, and the Welsh national team is one of the oldest and most respected in the world. The history of the national team dates back to the late 19th century, when it played its premier international match againstAngleterre in 1881. Over the decades, the Pays de Galles team has achieved many memorable victories, including the Grand Slam of the Six Nations Tournament, the annual rugby championship between Poundspe's best teams. The Pays de Galles team has won 40 titles in this competition, more than any other team, and has also won the Five Nations Tournament several times. The Pays de Galles has also achieved several iconic victories against autres great rugby teams, including the All Blacks Nouvelle-Zélande , the SpringboksAfrique du Sud and the WallabiesAustralie. In 1971, the Pays de Galles national team won a historic series against All Blacks, winning two of the three matches played. The red and white jersey of Pays de Galles has become iconic over the years, and is instantly recognizable around the world. Rugby fans around the world proudly wear the Welsh jersey, and the national team continues to inspire generations of rugby players and fans. Our online store is proud to offer the official Pays de Galles jersey, as well asautres gear for the passionate fan. Whether you are a long time supporter or new to rugby, we have the products you need to proudly show your support for the Dragons reds.