Stade Rochelais

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Maritime authenticity in AS jerseys Stade Rochelais

Stade Rochelais, affectionately called "La Rochelle" by its fans, is more than just a rugby club; it's a reflection of an entire city, its maritime history and cultural heritage. The club 's jersey is a powerful symbol of this unique identity, evoking both the team's combativeesprit and La Rochelle's maritimeessence.

The jersey's traditional colors are black and yellow, evoking both Atlantic storms and the sun shining on the old port. Over the years, designs have varied, but these hues remain a staple, a constant reminder of the club's deep roots in the city.

With technological progress, the Rochelais jersey has incorporated the latest innovations to ensure comfort and performance. Modern materials guarantee optimal perspiration evacuation, tear resistance and freedom of movement, all essential elements for top-level players.

For supporters, donning the Stade Rochelais jersey is an act of pride, a way of expressing their passion and dedication to a team flying the colors of their beloved city.

Rochelais accessories for everyday passion

There's more to rugby than the pitch, and Stade Rochelais understands this, offering a whole range of accessories for its most fervent supporters.

The scarf, a faithful companion on match days, comes in black and yellow. It's often waved enthusiastically in the stands, forming an undulating sea of color and passion. It's a way for supporters to show their support, and to feel that they are truly part of the big Rochelaise family.

In addition to the scarf,autres accessories such as caps, bonnets and bandanas, all emblazoned with the club's emblematic logo, allow fans to show their allegiance, whatever the weather. And for those who want to take a piece of the club with them into their everyday lives, items such as keyrings, mugs and phone cases are available, all proudly displaying the symbols of Stade Rochelais.

Each product, whether port used at a match or in everyday life, strengthens the bond between the club and its fan base. It is a constant reminder of the high points, the victories celebrated together and the shared passion that unites Stade Rochelais with its formidable community.