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The Canterbury Speed range: Innovation for Speed

The Canterbury Speed range is designed for rugby players looking to maximize their speed on the field. With a focus on lightweight, stability and explosive energy response, these shoes aim to propel players with maximum efficiency.

The Speed Infinite Elite model stands out as one of the lightest rugby shoes ever designed by Canterbury. This shoe features FLIGHTBEAM technology and a Pebax® Powered sole, for exceptional responsiveness and propulsion on the field. The use of advanced materials and targeted reinforcement generated by IA reduces weight while maintaining essential robustness. Available in a range of colors, including purple and white/yellow, this shoe takes aesthetics and performance to the next level.

Canterbury Speed Infinite Pro: Designed for terrain and performance

The Speed Infinite Pro SG (Soft Ground) is another star of the range, offering an all-terrain design in black that is both stylish and functional. Its hybrid all-terrain design ensures optimum grip and traction on a variety of playing surfaces. The range offers sizes to suit everyone, with a comprehensive sizing guide to ensure a perfect fit. This model is also available in white, offering an option for those who prefer a lighter aesthetic while enjoying the same high-level performance.

Shoes from the Canterbury Speed range are eloquent proof of Canterbury 's commitment to innovation in sports equipment. With a focus on speed, lightness and responsiveness,accent shoes are specially designed for players who want to get the edge over their opponents. Whether you opt for the Infinite Elite or Infinite Pro SG model, you'll benefit from cutting-edge technology designed to booster your performance on the field.