The "X" model of Adidas rugby shoes is designed to offer unrivalled speed and lightness on the field. Featuring a sleek, dynamic design, these shoes promise excellent traction and optimized ball control, making them a preferred choice for attacking players looking to make a difference with their agility and speed.

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Optimum performance and technology

The "X" model of Adidas rugby boots is a concentrate of technology designed to enhance performance on the field. Featuring a lightweight structure, it promotes optimum speed, an essential criterion for attacking players. The specific configuration of the studs on the sole guarantees excellent grip on different types of surface, enabling explosive starts and fluid, precise changes of direction.

Another point strength lies in the design of the upper, which combines comfort and ball control, thanks to high-quality materials that offer both flexibility and resistance, enabling players to deliver optimum performance throughout the match.

Comfort and original design

In addition to its proven technical qualities, the "X" model also stands out for its avant-garde design. The shoe's clean, modern lines give it an attractive aesthetic, allowing players to shine both in style and performance on the pitch. We offer the most popular models, such as the Speedportal by Messi, the Speedportal.2 FG in white, and the Speedportal+FG in black. We offerautres pairs for both men and children.

In terms of comfort, Adidas has made no compromises. The "X" model is designed to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot, avoiding unnecessary pressure points and offering prolonged comfort of use, an essential feature for players who spend long periods on the pitch.

In conclusion,Adidas 's "X" model for rugby is a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative design, offering players not only outstanding performance on the field, but also unrivalled comfort and style.