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Rugby cleats are shoes specially designed for use port in rugby, an intense contact sport played on a grass pitch. These studs provide extra grip on the pitch, enabling players to maintain stability and maximize traction, particularly during scrums, rucks and general phases of play.

Typical features of rugby cleats:

  1. Metal studs: Rugby studs generally have metal spikes screwed into the sole for better grip on grass. Spike lengths and arrangements can vary according to player preference and field conditions.

  2. Reinforced shank: Rugby cleats have a sturdy shank to provide good ankle support and protection against injury.

  3. Solid outsole: The outsole is designed to withstand frequent shocks and abrasions on the field.

  4. Position-specific design: There are different types of rugby cleats depending on the player's position. For example, forwards (such as props and hookers) may prefer cleats with longer spikes for greater stability in scrums, while backs (such as full-backs and wingers) may opt for cleats with shorter spikes for greater agility.

  5. Durable materials: Given that rugby is a physical and intense sport, studs are generally made from durable, wear-resistant materials such as aluminum.

  6. It is important to note that rugby cleats are designed specifically for this sport and should not be used forautres sporting activities, as they can be dangerous on hard surfaces such as asphalt. What's more, many rugby leagues have strict rules on the types of cleats allowed, so it's essential to check your league's regulations before buying cleats.