FC Grenoble Rugby

Here you'll find all the products associated with the Fc Grenoble team, which plays in the Pro D2 league! You'll find here the official jerseys as well as shorts, balls and many otherautres products !

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History and foundation of FC Grenoble

Soccer Club de Grenoble Rugby, more commonly known as FC Grenoble or FCG, is a historic club on the French rugby scene. Founded in 1892, the club has spanned more than a century of history, marked by highs and lows, but always with unwavering passion and determination. The "Rouge et Bleu", as they are affectionately known because of their emblematic colors, have witnessed the evolution of rugby at France, moving from muddy pitches to modern stadiums, while preserving their strong identity.

Achievements and highlights

Over the years, FC Grenoblehas built up a remarkable record of success, even if it has never been crowned champion of France in the top division. However, the club has reached the final on several occasions, leaving its mark each time. The 1990s were particularly memorable for FCG, with a competitive team reaching the championship final in 1993. Although this period is considered the club's golden age, Grenoble has always been a competitive team, even in the lower divisions, demonstrating its resilience and desire to return to the highest level.

Contemporary challenges and the future

Like many historic clubs, FC Grenoble has faced financial and sporting challenges over the years. Rises and falls between divisions have tested the club's solidity. However, with the unfailing support of its supporters and rigorous management, the club has always been able to bounce back. The future looks bright for the FCG, with a clear vision and renewed ambitions. The training of young players, modern infrastructure and a holistic approach to rugby are all pillars on which the club is building to ensure its future and continue to write its history.