Rugby shoes for natural pitches - FG

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Rugby FG Shoes features

FG (Firm Ground) rugby boots are designed for use on dry, firm pitches, typical of summer conditions or regions where rainfall is less frequent. These shoes are fitted with molded, fixed studs, usually made of plastic or hard rubber. Their configuration is specially designed to offer optimum traction without penetrating too deeply into the sol, which could hamper players' mobility. The studs are shorter and more numerous than on SG shoes, distributed to provide a stable and uniform grip.

The design of these studs promotes better acceleration and facilitates rapid changes of direction. This is essential in a game rapide where the ability to start, stop and pivot quickly can make all the difference. The arrangement of the studs on a flatter sole also helps to reduce pressure on the feet, enabling players to maintain a high level of performance throughout the match without undue discomfort.

Advantages and optimum use of FG shoes

FG shoes are particularly appreciated for their versatility on different types of firm ground, from well-maintained natural turf to less abrasive synthetic surfaces. This versatility makes FG shoes a popular choice among rugby players, who can use them in a variety of conditions without requiring multiple pairs of shoes. Their lightweight design also helps to minimize leg fatigue, enabling players to retain their agility and endurance longer during games.

In addition to their functionality, FG shoes offer enhanced comfort thanks to their ergonomic design and the use of modern materials that improve breathability and moisture management. These features are essential for keeping feet dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of blisters and autres durant discomfort during intense matches. As a result, FG shoes are not only a tool for improving performance on the pitch, they also play a role crucial in injury prevention and overall player comfort.