All rugby shoes are on House of Rugby. Here you'll find all the most popular Mizuno rugby shoes, including Mizuno Morelia cleats, Mizuno Monarcida and Mizuno Morelia Neo.

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Exceptional performance and durability

Mizuno rugby boots have earned a solid reputation in the rugby world for their exceptional performance and unrivalled durability. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the game, these shoes combine a series of high-end features to provide players with an optimal playing experience.


Another outstanding aspect of Mizuno rugby boots is their commitment to player comfort and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. These shoes are designed to keep the foot in a stable position, while offering sufficient cushioning to absorb shock throughout the match. Mizuno shoes feature a robust outsole with intelligently placed studs , ensuring excellent traction on rugby pitches, whether natural or synthetic turf. This solid grip enables players to make agile movements, change direction quickly and adapt to all playing conditions.

Cutting-edge technology

Midsole technology is another point strength of these shoes. It offers a perfect balance between cushioning and responsiveness, meaning players can run, jump and tackle with increased confidence, while minimizing the risk of injury. Comfort is essential during long training sessions and exhausting matches, and Mizuno shoes meet this requirement thanks to their well-thought-out construction and use of breathable materials.

Finally, Mizuno is a brand renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality. Rugby players can be confident that their shoes are made with the best materials and techniques available, guaranteeing optimum performance throughout the season. Today, Mizuno offers a wide range of products at attractive prices, all in simple colors such as black, white and blue.

All in all, Mizuno rugby shoes are a must-have choice for players looking for high-performance, durable, comfortable footwear featuring cutting-edge technology. With their superior grip, responsive cushioning and quality construction, they give players the edge they need on the field.