In this category dedicated to our rugby clearance products, you'll find all our clearance rugby shirts, clearance rugby shoes and also all our training clothes, balls and much more!

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The rugby jersey: an emblematic piece at a reduced price

It's not unusual to see rugby fans proudly displaying the colors of their favorite team, and that's thanks to the rugby jersey. However, acquiring the jersey of your favorite team can sometimes be expensive. Fortunately, stock clearance periods offer the opportunity to purchase these emblematic items at more affordable prices.

Durant During these periods, specialist stores and online retailers offer rugby fans a vast range of jerseys from previous seasons. Whether it's for the national teams, clubs from Top 14, Pro D2 or international leagues, there's something for every fan. As well as benefiting from reduced prices, fans will also be sure to get a quality product that meets the standards and requirements of the sport.

What's more, these clearance jerseys are not just intended to be port worn during matches. They can also be used as casual wear, demonstrating the wearer's attachment to his or her team. Some collectors also benefit, as these jerseys can increase in value over the years, especially if they are associated with memorable events or players.

Rugby shoes: comfort and performance at an affordable price

Rugby is a sport that demands not only power and technique, but also the right equipment. Rugby boots are an essential part of any player's equipment, whether amateur or professional. During clearance periods, it's possible to buy top brand shoes at rock-bottom prices.

Shoes on clearance offer optimum grip, thanks to special studs that guarantee greater stability on both wet and dry surfaces. They are also designed to provide adequate arch support and reinforced toe protection. So, despite their low price, these shoes are nonetheless high-performance and adapted to the demands of rugby.

Whether you're a forward looking for a sturdy, stable shoe, or a three-quarter who prefers lightness and speed, our stockists will meet your needs. With a wide range of models and sizes to choose from, there's something to suit every player. And even for recreational or introductory use, stock footwear is an excellent option, combining quality and economy.

In short, whether it's a jersey or shoes, stock clearance periods are a godsend for all rugby fans, enabling them to equip themselves with quality products without breaking the bank.