Southern Hemisphere

In this category, you'll find all the productsand new outfits for the national teams of the Southern Hemisphere, including Nouvelle-Zélande, Australie and Japon. In particular, you'll find all the jerseys for the 2024 World Cup!

Passion and Heritage:Essence Southern Hemisphere Teams

Immerse yourself in the rugby traditions woven by the powerful teams of the Southern Hemisphere. Products dedicated to titans of the rugby world - the All Blacks of New Zealand, the Wallabies ofAustralie, the Springboks ofAfrique du Sud and the Pumas ofArgentine - are steeped in history and encapsulate decades of passion, rivalry and extraordinary skill. Whether it's a jersey imbued with Maori heritage, a Springbok cap that echoes the resilience of a nation, or an Argentine kit that sports the vibrant blue and white representing their ferventrepresenting their fervent esprit, each product is a testament to the enduring heritage and rich stories of these teams. These items are not mere commodities, they are fragments of a story, an emotion encapsulated in fabric, ready to fuel theesprit of the next generation of champions.

Innovation and Durability: a range of products for supporters

Exploring the range of products dedicated to the national teams of the southern hemisphere, we discover a perfect marriage of technical innovation and durability. From jerseys and balls to divers accessories, our products are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding fans. Made from top-quality materials, they promise exceptional longevity, enabling fans to wear their favorite team's colors loud and clear for many years to come. Innovation is also to be found in modern, elegant designs that never forget to pay homage to tradition, creating products that seduce with both their aesthetics and their performance.

Emotion and communion: experience rugby with authenticity

Products dedicated to the national teams of the southern hemisphere are designed to be much more than mere objects; they are vectors of emotion, tools for communion between fans and the teams they support. Each item is an invitation to experience rugby in the authentic way, to feel the incredible energy that emanates from a stadium in effervescence, to share the joy of a victory or the bitterness of a defeat. From brightly-colored balls to warm scarves and jerseys that feel like a second skin, each product brings you a little closer to the heroes of the field, to vibrate in unison with them, and to become an integral part of the incredible adventure that is top-level rugby.